(Released April 17, 2002) The State of Our Schools (Part II): The Combined Effect of the 2001-02 “Bare Bones” Budget and the Proposed 2002-03 State Aid “Freeze” is the second in a series of reports analyzing the impact of state policy decisions on school districts and school children across the State of New York. This report analyzes the combined effect of last year’s “bare bones” budget and this year’s Executive Budget on the budgets of school districts statewide.

This report represents a revised and updated version of the report, The State of Our Schools: The Effect of the “Bare Bones” Budget on New York School Districts, that the Public Policy and Education Fund issued in January 2002. That earlier report was prepared by the Public Policy and Education Fund based on a series of data analyzes and tables prepared by Trudi Renwick of Fiscal Policy Institute. The updated tables and analyzes presented in this report were also prepared by Dr. Renwick.

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