(Released January 2, 2002) The central point of this report is that the statements by some commentators, including the Governor, that school aid increased in the 2001 legislative session through the enactment of the “bare-bones” budget are completely misleading. This report analyzes the effect of the “bare-bones” budget” adopted in 2001 by the Governor and the Legislature by comparing the State aid levels of the current fiscal year (2001-02) with the previous fiscal year (2000-01). This report finds that the 2001-02 enacted state budget, when adjusted for inflation, resulted in a decrease in per-pupil aid for 427 or 63% of the 678 state school districts surveyed. 2.3 million students, representing roughly 4 out of every 5 students in the state (81%), attend districts that receive less aid per-pupil than in the previous academic year.

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